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Drinks and Droplets

When life gives you water, never forget to be grateful for it!

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Who cares that the glass is half empty,

if it's still full of love?

I love you

more than I love chocolate!

Cappuccino for him

and macchiato for me


Not on the menu... Not really a problem!

When was the last time

you enjoyed the aroma of the flowers?


like Paloma!

Smile by your own will

or others will force you 😄


The cucumella napolitana

She's back

and as good as new

About Us

Freediving, seaside adventures and carefully crafted treats

All things fluid

Mara's Bar is not your average spirits or coffee drinking place. In fact, you may find out that people of Mara's Bar spend a great deal of their time refraining from both alcohol and caffeine. But still, yes, we do have our cups and glasses and we definitely have a huge variety of content to pour in these!

At Mara's Bar we advocate for taste and craftsmanship. You will not see us building bucket cocktails, you will not see us brewing whatever coffee we found in the nearby supermarket. We try to pick our ingredients carefully, we try to respect the hard work and gained knowledge of all the people that produced them, and we try to mix these ingredients and turn them into something that touches your soul, something that brings a smile to your face, something that brightens your current reality, instead of creating a fake one.

But Mara's Bar is so much more. Leaving aside all the temptations for your palate, Mara's Bar is about doing the things that you love and make you happy. Mara's Bar is about following your dreams, constantly evolving your skills and never letting something or someone stand in your way and prevent you from achieving your goals.

At Mara's Bar the most respected ingredient is water. Water is the cradle of life, water is the only liquid that a grown-up person needs, water is the only liquid that a grown-up person must never stop consuming. Water is all around us, it comes down to the ground with the rain and the snow, it runs through the mountains in the shape of rivers and lakes, it forms almighty blocks of ice that hold the history of our planet from thousands of years ago... And, what is most important to us, water forms the greatest inspiration for waking up every day, the never-ending source of serenity and peace, the most trusted friend and lover, the only parallel universe one needs to discover - the big blue!

Disclaimer: Please, don't drink and dive! Take things slowly, one pleasure at a time. 😉

Sincerely yours,